A St. Patrick’s Day Post ~ The Luck Of The Pickle Peddlers

Selwyn Avenue Pub
It was raining and cold and we were hungry after making the drive from Columbia to Charlotte. We’d just made our last pickle delivery to Reid’s Fine Foods in Charlotte and were heading in the direction of home. Before we got too far down the road, we asked our GPS where to eat. We scrolled down past all the fast food and Selwyn Avenue Pub popped up. Who doesn’t crave good, pub grub on a cold, wet day? So…we turned the car around and ended up right next to our last delivery. Selwyn Avenue Pub is located right next door to Reid’s Fine Foods at 2801 Selwyn Ave… and had everything we were craving on the menu. We got a wedge salad to start with …and while waiting for hot wings and a philly cheese steak, we eavesdropped on a conversation going on between three men at a nearby table. They were talking about pimento cheese! After listening in for a little bit…we determined that one of the men was the owner of the pub and that they were sampling small bites of new possibilities for the pub’s menu ….all featuring pimento cheese. So… my husband shot out to the car and came back with two jars of our pickles -one of our pickled carrots and one of our pickled okra. It wasn’t long and we were sharing samples of our pickles with the owner! He was so nice and wants us to come up with ways he can serve our pickles in the pub.
I just wanted to share this little story… because I’m feeling grateful and blessed. I believe God puts these folks in our path…it’s His favor spilling over us …at just the right time…God’s timing is perfect! Today is St. Patrick’s Day …the perfect day for me to be working on pickle recipes for an Irish Pub! I’m definitely requesting they serve our pickled okra with that pimento cheese…and with Pickleback shots!

So many stories just like this happen to us while we’re out peddlin’ our pickles….oughta be a reality show…for realz! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!

To order some of our pickles…check our or website! http://www.phickles.com/shipping


About southlandroots

Owner of Phickles, LLC ....a gourmet pickle company in Athens, GA using the freshest, closest produce available & taking pride in every jar. I'm touring the South Land with a fanny pack of pickle jars! You just never know where I'll pop up next!
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