Socks Love Rub was Made To Love

I love a good story. A product with a good story can send its’ sales soaring ….and so I’m here to introduce you to the story behind my favorite, newest season-it-all brand to grace the grits at my breakfast table…and a few other things I’ve sprinkled it on.
I’ve been getting to know Steven and Kim Hartsock over the twitter airwaves for a month or so now…and first started tweeting with Kim about spiritual things…which had nothing to do with their product…but in all actuallity…Yes, spirituality has EVERYTHING to do with it! A couple weeks ago, I came home to a box on my front stoop….sent to me by Steven Hartsock. In the box were twelve containers with nice packaging…labeled with the name ‘Socks’ Love Rub Co.’ I immediately sprinkled some in the palm of my hand and gave it a lick! The first thing I noticed was a little kick of heat…and then I noticed the very welcome lack of saltiness. I find that most over the counter run of the mill seasonings are loaded with sodium. So…already, I was pleased with the opportunity to experiment with the gift I’d been sent.

My littlest girl loves to pretend she has her own cooking show…and so for our first experiment with Socks’ Love Rub…I let her do the job. We kept it simple with a healthy snack of crispy chickpeas.

Rosey sprinkled one teaspoon of Socks’ Love Rub Co.’s Original Seasoning over one 16oz can of chick peas. Then she mixed in one teaspoon of olive oil.

We lightly sprayed our lined sheet pan with vegetable oil and Rosey dotted the pan with the seasoned chick peas.
Next…we popped the pan into a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

We scooped the hot, crispy, seasoned chick peas into a pretty dish and served them with some of our own pickled okra!
And…we loved them. A LOT! So much…that we also sprinkled the peas over our salads later at dinner time. …along side our baked salmon which was prepared two ways…one of which included a sprinkling of Socks’ Love Rub!

And…to really rub it all in… the story behind this seasoning is super special! Steven Hartsock’s love for cooking led him to create this seasoning…at first it was just for himself. He uses an all natural spice blend, with simple ingredients. He wanted to create a seasoning that would compliment an endless number of dishes. Then, with Steven and Kim’s wedding around the bend… Steven decided their Bluegrass & BBQ themed wedding would be the perfect opportunity to share his new creation with everyone at the wedding. So, he created little 8oz tins filled with none other than Socks’ Love Rub for the wedding favors. Enjoy a little recap of their southern wedding here–>
And…just as with all other yummy things… people had to know where they could get more of that ‘Socks’ Love Rub!’ So…they created a twitter account and started a website. @SocksLoveRub and The first bottle of their rub was sold September 1, 2011 and then less than five days later…they scored an order with a store in Oklahoma. Nowadays…just seven months after launching their company, Socks’ Love Rub can be found in seven stores across two states.
Steven says: “We strive daily to spread the word about our product. We want people to think outside the box when it comes to cooking. After all, I created this rub to be great on almost anything. I never imagined that eggs, stroganoff, spaghetti, broccoli, roasted potatoes, oatmeal …would benefit from our rub. IT DOES!! We are very passionate about what we do and believe it shows in our in-house blending, bottling, labeling, and shipping.” Hmmm… oatmeal? Not sure I’ll be trying that one. hehe

Steven is a southern man…born and raised in Columbus, GA….with faith larger than the Georgia foothills and a heart full of love for his beautiful wife Kim and their three blended children. They live a busy, fun-filled life in Duluth, GA and through their personal twitter feeds ( @kimsock and @stevensock ) give inspiration for me and all their followers. I just love the name of this rub…and that it all started at their wedding. They were made to love. And so is Socks’ Love Rub. I love it already! 🙂
Y’all know I love a good bloody mary…especially since my pickle business got its start by garnishing bloody marys in the Athens restaurants. So…I can’t wait for the next thing Steven Hartsock has blending in his kitchen! He’s calling it ‘Socks’ Love Cocktail Candy.’ …an all natural blend of spices based around his Original Blend….intended to be used for seasoning the rim of Bloody Mary glasses. It’s not available for sale yet…but just as soon as it is, I’ll be rimming by Phickled Mary with it for sure!

So…here’s to much success for my new friends, Steven and Kim Hartsock! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness with both their blends…their family and their product. Order up friends! –>



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Owner of Phickles, LLC ....a gourmet pickle company in Athens, GA using the freshest, closest produce available & taking pride in every jar. I'm touring the South Land with a fanny pack of pickle jars! You just never know where I'll pop up next!
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