Giving Thanks And Bisquettes

Me and Meg Cranston... East West Bistro ...downtown Athens ...on a game day.

A year ago…I met a girl…with curls & sparkly eyes & purpose. Her name is Meg. She gave me a gift…& I never thanked her.  She gave me acceptance….& a boost of confidence.  And…I haven’t been the same since.  Athens is a college town. …& I love living here among the students, the energy, the celebration that comes with living in ‘bulldawg country.’ …& I get asked a lot… ‘what year did I graduate from Georgia??’ and…until I met Meg, I would sink down into my shoulders and explain my ‘situation’ …& how I went straight from high school to working…and so on….and feeling so un-proud…and like a misfit. When I answered Meg this way…she said: “don’t you ever….ever do that again!” ….and I never have and I will never again. Now I know…I was always a thinker and a writer….and if I had been able to go to college…I would’ve studied journalism….& would probably be doing exactly what I am now.  ….writing my thoughts.  ….and thinking A LOT.   …maybe I would be more well-versed…but all is well.  Thank you, Meg…for the realization that me NOT being a college graduate is a BEAUTIFUL part of my story. & I have a feeling…it’s a BIG part of my purpose.  I guess…the future only knows….

And then there’s ‘Meg Pie.’  I met Meg Dure years ago…while I was a bank teller at Athens First Bank.  She came in every now and then…& shared her smile with me…and I shared mine with her…. never having enough time to really get to know each other completely.  This year…we established a new-found connection through facebook.  Birds of a feather flock together…right? So…it didn’t take long before Meg asked to do a little interview at the Pickle Parlor…and I CAN TALK.  And…Meg is like a sponge. So…a little interview meant to focus on the pickle business and such….turned into Meg absorbing my whole story. She asked THE question…& I answered in a NEW way…one I learned after the first Meg taught me… I answered it with confidence.  And….thus came this story from Meg Dure:

Meg is the perfect example of a good listener….with eyes of wisdom & a heart of gold.  I bet all of these attributes Meg has balled up in her southern belle body…comes from experience.  ….the experience of walking around, over, and finally through life’s tangly wilderness.  Meg says making her locally-famous ‘bisquettes’ is like therapy for her…& I have been lucky to be the recipient of them on three occasions now.  Of course…with every bite…I am always pondering how I can maybe sell ’em! haha.  😉  But…maybe….just maybe there are some things money can’t buy….& I’m not sure Meg could put a price on them anyway….nor could I.  They are priceless.

Meg Dure's 'Bisquettes!'

Yesterday, Meg dropped by my home with a special gift for me.  ….a Christmasy package topped with a Santa w/a dangling pickle ornament. …& tucked inside were her bisquettes and some yummy peach preserves.  I showed her around the mess of our move….which was kinda healing for me.  …to give someone on the outside a look at what really goes on…here on the inside of my habitat.  It is a huge work in progress…and now I have Meg to vouch for me….just in case I go insane! She saw it ALL first hand. I’m putting Meg…up there on my list of friends that know too much to ever let down. So…after a good heart-to-heart…she was on her way. And…I dug right in to her bisquettes! I had them for dinner….and then again this morning for breakfast.  I wondered…what makes me deserving of her sweet, generous spirit.  …& as I read the card she’d attached along with the gift….I knew. Her giving spirit makes me wanna be better….at giving.  Noone really ever is entitled to being a recipient ….but I believe God sends people into our lives to fill in the crevices of our stories.  …to erase any doubt we might have. Memories of words said to me in my past…flood me with doubt at times…and Meg shines light into those areas & helps fill me with confidence.  And for that I am…& will always be grateful to her.  If you took a minute to click on the above link…you know now that Meg Dure….just like Meg Cranston… put my un-college-graduate-ness front and center….and made it to be a beautiful story.  Pretty neato, huh?! To me…it is! I’m glad my mind works this way.  I see God working in every situation I’m in.  And…I hope that you…the reader…notice Him working around, for, and through you too.  Meet Meg…..

Meg Gunn Dure friend.

And…Meg wrote:

"Dear Angie, Thank you for all of the positive inspiration you give to all you see every day... especially me. I so admire your spirit and in my eyes you are a real star. With love, Meg"

My kiddies reap the benefits too! We stretch Meg’s bisquettes as far as we can…for as long as we can. …alongside our dinners, the stars of our breakfasts, and they are tasty instigators of tea parties!  Thank you Meg… for giving to me again and again with your kind, edifying words and your tasty treats.  It is because of the gift of acceptance you give to me…that I am excited to show my daughters my acceptance of them…no matter what…and to teach them how to show all they encounter in their paths…this kind of acceptance…the GRACE kind! You are a priceless gift.  ….a treasure. Thank you…from the bottom of my proseco sippin’ heart. I love you~ your friend and student,


Eating my very first bisquette from Meg!





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3 Responses to Giving Thanks And Bisquettes

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Angie you are full of light and inspiration. The world needs more people like you.

  2. Beautifully written and timely for me. I am a huge new fan of Meg’s and feel all of the same toward her that you expressed here. I think Meg and I are both dealing with some of the same issues with the sad disease of Alzheimers with a loved one and can support each other as one who knows the tough road we are on. I think we also are kindred spirits looking for the joy in life and finding those happies is a must! Look forward to getting to know you also Angie and just believe it is all meant to be. Smiles and phun to come our way- will be proud to know you too!!

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