Sowing Seeds And Celebrities

Last Friday started with a romantic lunch at Town 220 Bistro, located in the renovated James Madison Inn in Madison, Georgia.  ….a town full of historical homes and buildings spared by General Sherman during the civil war…thanks to his romantic affair with Cecilia Stovall.  So…see? One can’t help but feel romantic… a town preserved by LOVE.  And…having all three kids being entertained at my parents’ house all weekend only added to the aphrodisiastic effects of our tasty lunch.  For Phin….a cuban sandwich.  For me….this salad with locally-picked peaches– OOOOH La La!

Town 220 Bistro in Madison, Georgia

A chat with our waiter thanking him for his excellent service….& we were off.  …headed south…on our way to make a delivery of Phickles to Striplings  ( and then on to the Skillet Festival in Quitman, GA.

For me, nothing brings fonder memories and feelings than taking a drive down the long, straight country roads of south Georgia.  Rows and rows of cotton, corn, and peanuts surrounding little homes with manicured lawns, porches for sippin’ sweet tea….with tractors and huntin’ trucks parked out back…driven by good ole boys that say ‘yes, ma’am….’ They were taught right.  To some, these residences may seem small…but to me they are more grand than any mansion in Beverly Hills.  ….because they are FULL of what’s real.  They are full of praying people.  ….people sowing seeds & giving thanks.  …never taking the rain for granted.  And the benches in front of the roadside stores…are like board rooms holding ‘meetings’ of generations of farmers….intelligent men….full of knowledge that can only be achieved by experience.  I know I’m lucky to have grown up in south Georgia …experiencing first-hand what it’s like to bounce over Georgia dirt on the seat of a tractor, shell peas,  catch catfish and bream from a cane pole, plant seeds, and pray for rain…

Phin…with the pig at Striplings General Store
Cordele, GA

Those were the days, right?  Well, those days are still here.  Those people are still around….sowing seeds and praying for rain.  And…I got to immerse myself right smack in the middle of a town full of those good ole days…at the Skillet Festival in Quitman, GA!  My cyber friend, Eliza McCall….grew up in Quitman.  We met through twitter when Eliza started following my morning devotions.  She is another reason I love social media….it’s about the relationships.  LIFE is about relationships!  Eliza came to see me at The Rose Festival in Thomasville, GA this past Easter weekend.  And now…we are surely friends for life.  Her sister, Lauren Basford was in charge of coordinating the events of the first ever Skillet Festival and so, with Eliza knowing how much I enjoy tweeting, eating, cooking, & talking about FOOD…she asked me to be a ‘celebrity judge’ at the Cast Iron Chef Competion during the festival.  I was thrilled!  No invitation will ever be too small to be an honor for me.  Being a judge on a food television show might make you famous.  Being a judge at a small town festival…makes you friends! …real friends.  I am proud to have been a part of such a special event in such a special part of the world….at least in my world.

Me on the left...& Angie, the winner! Cast Iron Chef Competition -1st ever Skillet Festival!

Meet a few of the people I was lucky to have shared a slice of time with this past weekend….people sowing seeds.  –>

Lauren Basford.....sowed the seeds, watered them with hard work, and harvested a fabulous festival for her city!

Lauren Basford...announcing winners of the skillet medals

Grassroots Coffe Co.'s booth

I bought these 2 towels to hang in my kitchen.

Mary Ellen Payne & Johnny Bracey

Eliza McCall's 'Dear Liza' hair fixin's... Wish I'd gotten a pic of her aprons too!

Sweet Grass Dairy

Grassroots Coffee Co.A few 'skillet medal' winners!Winner of the 'Golden Skillet!'

Dreaming Cow Yogurt

A few 'skillet medal' winners!

I loved these handmade baskets.

Winner of the 'Golden Skillet!'


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  1. yogini910 says:

    I love the way you write. It’s like listening to you talk. Please keep on!

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