Cornbread & Chicken

Old Farmall Thompson Family Farms.

Like the song goes…. Where I come from…it’s cornbread & chicken & what goes better with cornbread & chicken than…. fresh from the farm peas and butterbeans? Our farmer, David Thompson grows rows and rows of peas, corn, butterbeans, tomatoes, egg plant, peppers &…. oh, I’m sure I’m leaving something out. Oh yeah …melons too!

….and cucumbers! …even little gherkins he’s growing just for us.

<;–I think my Paw Paw had a tractor just like this one. …memories!

Butterbean Blooms at Thompson Family Farms in Monroe, GA

Thompson Family Farms is a family business with David and his sons Will and Clay all working together to plant and harvest the acres of vegetation and also delivering to farmer’s markets and running their own farm stand on Highway 11 just north of Monroe in the Campton Community. Their farm stand is open to the public and I love their sign which reads: ‘We only sell what we grow.’ Farmer David bought a pea sheller this year….& from what I saw on the tour of his farm a couple of weeks ago…he’ll need to run that sheller all hours to keep up with the harvest! I feel lucky to have memories of pushing beans through a sheller as a kid… and then the memories of opening the heavy, squeaking door of the rusty chest freezer at my grandparents’ to retrieve a ziploc of fresh frozen white acre peas to boil with a hamhock for dinner! Really….there might not be anything better. At least…nothing beats those memories. 🙂

Now-a-days… many people have no clue where their food comes from. We save up to take our kids to the magical world of disney…and that’s all good. But…real magic happens when we plant a seed in the dirt. Our short tour of Thompson Family Farms planted mystery in my kids’ minds and that kind of mystery will stay with them much longer….and mean more to them than anything they could get from an amusement park. If you get a chance….take your kids to tour a farm. You won’t regret it! And…let them get right down close to the blossoms…where the bees are. Speaking of bees……..

The Farm Stand Hwy 11 in the Campton Community north of Monroe, GA ....

I could tell Farmer David took great pride in his farm the day he took us on the tour. He pointed out the trouble spots….where ‘the tractor had to go around a wet spot’ which created bare spots and then there were the few weeds poppin’ up here and there and he pointed those out too. I loved hearing how passionate he is about the land he works, the vegetables he harvests and the people that make it all happen alongside of him. His parents have lived right there…on the farm for many years. …and that was sweet too!

A view of the 'hub' at Thompson Farms. It holds the pea sheller and the refrigeration and all the crates for packing the veggies harvested.

Tomatoes! These are the ones we use to make Phickles WEDGIES! and I learned that even with irrigation...their leaves still curl in the sun's heat.

Melons at Thompson Family Farms

I had to hop out and snap a pic of the melons! These will be lots bigger and a completely different color once they’re ripened. They are cantelopes!

I didn’t get a pic of them….but oh yes! He’s growing OKRA too! Farmer David and his crew pick through the okra he harvests from his farm and selects perfect little pods for us to put in our pickle jars.

If you live near Monroe, take a drive out to Thompson Family Farms’ farm stand on highway 11. You won’t be sorry and you’ll be supporting good people, working the land the way God intended. And….take your kids with you and let them help fill a bag with veggies. They won’t forget it! …and they’ll probably be more apt to eat it!

Thompson Family Farms can also be found on Facebook!

Out of town…and wanna taste of what’s growing at Thompson Family Farms? Order some Phickles! We ship!


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