If it ain't fun.....don't do it!

My facebook status today reads:  “To love what you do and feel that it matters…How could anything be more fun?”     I can’t remember where I read this quote…but I’m sure it could roll off anyone’s tongue who is lucky enough to be able to make what they enjoy most…the way they make their livin’.  I love a-ha moments.  I love chatting face to face with people I’ve met through cyber space….& that moment when we both grin & know we’re on the exact same page… We get each other! We are being who we were created to be! And…the world is getting closer together…because of it!  So…that’s a big reason we do lots of festivals.  Festivals get us right smack dab into the midst of the people that make up the towns we’re peddlin’ pickles to.  And the best part for me….is our ‘groupies!’ We actually have people that come to festivals just because they find out we’re gonna be there! They wanna get another ‘phix’ of their favorite pickles…and I love that! …especially cause I need another ‘phix’ of just getting to connect with them.  So…yes, all this traveling is a lot of work….especially with three hungry kids packed in the van with our tent, tables, and 100s of jars of Phickles.  But….there really is nothing more fun than loving what you do…and feeling that it matters! 

For all our groupies….here’s where we’ll be next! …and a shout-out to my friend Wendy Rutherford…who you oughta be following on twitter to keep up with all things Atlanta!  @Atl_Events is her handle.  See y’all at Inman Park!


About southlandroots

Owner of Phickles, LLC ....a gourmet pickle company in Athens, GA using the freshest, closest produce available & taking pride in every jar. I'm touring the South Land with a fanny pack of pickle jars! You just never know where I'll pop up next!
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