Phin and Rosey...plowing at The Farm

Forecast is calling for more wintry precipt tonight.  Two days of sneaking out to the hammock to soak up the sun…& I don’t know if I can tolerate another icey day.  We were blessed with our first white Christmas this past year…& that was only the beginning.  After the long holiday break…the kids went back to school for a week…& then we were iced in for a week.     I’M LOOKIN’ AHEAD TO SPRING ALREADY!!!  

With most of the country freezin’ and thawin’…and freezin’ again… Produce prices keep rising and it’s getting dificult to find vegetables at a price we can afford….at least if we wanna keep our prices the same. And that…we do!  The demand for our products has steadily grown over the past two and a half years and now it’s time for us to ….re-calculate. Til now…we’ve been able to keep up with the demand by purchasing our vegetables from local farmer’s markets and Thompson Farms in Monroe, GA.  Now…we’re looking into contract farming.  Decisions! Decisions!    I guess the reason for this…not so fun post…is just to share with you…what we’re going through…& also so you’ll know that we’re doing the best we know how to to provide a quality product, with quality local produce.  It’s important to us!   

We’re lucky…to be in Georgia.  So many farmers around us….so much farming land.  So…we’ll be seeking out for the pick of the litter…so-to-speak!  Feel free to comment on this post…especially if you know of farmers we should contact.  We’d like to work with farmers within a 35 mile radius of Athens….so…. Let us know!  Shoot me an email:  🙂

Billups, Rosey, & Kat... A Cotton Wagon in Bostwick, GA

         Too bad we can’t pickle cotton…  Or can we? 😉



About southlandroots

Owner of Phickles, LLC ....a gourmet pickle company in Athens, GA using the freshest, closest produce available & taking pride in every jar. I'm touring the South Land with a fanny pack of pickle jars! You just never know where I'll pop up next!
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