I remember this day… It was a really fun one for peddlin’ pickles! Pickle peddlin’ during happy hour in Atlanta is always an adventure.  So…there we were at Fontaine’s in Virginia Highlands with our sample jars…and this gentleman came in and ordered a greygoose on the rocks.  When he saw what we were selling…he asked for a pickled okra to plop into his glass & a splash of Phickles juice.  Waa Laa! …the first Phickle-tini!

A Southern Gentleman at Fontaines in Virginia Highlands/Atlanta & his Phickle-Tini…the 1st one ever!

Maribeth...serving up bruschetta at East West Bistro in downtown Athens, GA. Maribeth created the Phickle-Tini 'by accident' & now serves 'em every day! She's also the PHunnest bartender in town. 😉

Every foodie’s got their regular spots.  And not a week goes by that we don’t head downtown to EAST WEST BISTRO ( .) It’s a great spot to meet up with friends in the bar area for apps & cocktails, family dinners at their big booths with cloth tablecloths w/ paper overlay perfect for little fingers and crayons, or my favorite…a seat outside for the ultimate in people watchin’ right on Broad Street!  We have a great relationship with East West Bistro….so alongside a burger, trout ‘n grits, chicken coconut soup, or a steak & chimichurri…they’ll give you a little plate of Phickles upon request! And of course….a PHICKLE-TINI!

SINCE DAY ONE…Erica & Joe Cascio of SQUARE ONE FISH CO. ….

Square One’s ‘Red & Black Oysters!’ YUM! have taken careful consideration of every ingredient that goes into preparing a perfect plate of ‘Florida fashioned fresh fish and fun.’ They moved to Athens and started this restaurant from the ground up maybe a year and a half ago…& it’s quickly become a comfortable, welcoming, tasty place for all us locals.  If you’re looking for a fun, lively spot to take in some jerk calamari….this is the place. And if you’re lucky…Joe might be there to share a few fishin’ stories with ya! And…yes! They have a ‘Dirty Phickles Martini’ on the menu.  😉

The Scallops Nona! Seared & butter-basted scallops served w/creamed spinach & maque chouz. Square One's 'Red & Black Oysters!' YUM!

 NONA  recently opened in downtown Athens in the charming space formerly known as Harry Bissett’s.  Serving up New Orlean’s apps such as Oysters Bienville & Rockefeller, Fried Crawfish Cakes, and French Onion soup….and entrees including Filet Mignon w/ Bearnaise sauce, the French Quarter Filet, Crawfish stuffed trout, and the ever favorite Crawfish Etouffee…Nona doesn’t disappoint.  A great brunch spot with a friendly, knowlegable bar staff…serving up bloody marys loaded with Phickles and yes!  Nona wouldn’t be in this post if they didn’t serve a good, started in Athens, Phickle-tini.  And with Mardi Gras coming up…Nona is the spot in Athens to get some beads thrown at ‘cha! 😉

Don....a regular at Hilltop Grille...eatin' Ribs! Don even has his name engraved in the bar!

Headed into Athens during football season… HILLTOP GRILLE  ( ) is where you’ll find a good mix of locals & out-of-towners…
gathered ’round the walk-a-round bar or outside on the largest patio in town.  T.V.s for game watchin’ are inside and out and if there’s a chill in the air…grab a seat next to their stone, lodge-like fireplace.  Chef Bert Lumpkin’s always got something tasty cooking on the grill outside…from whole smoked pig….to roasted oysters.
Phin….watching the Kentucky Derby on Hilltop Grille’s patio.

A not-to-miss event every year at Hilltop Grille, is The Kentucky Derby! Yep…grab your hat & head to Hilltop to watch the horses go ’round the track with all your friends.  Hilltop features a free oyster roast every year for the Derby.  Grab a Phickle-Tini or a Phickled Mary…& you’re set! …or the traditional mint julep. 

Vodka, Splash of Phickles STIX Juice, Phickles Pickled Carrot Garnish….a Phickle-Tini!

Wanna make your own Phickle-Tini at home?

Most locally-owned stores in Athens sell Phickles…. and if you’re out of town…check out our website for a list of available pickles & we’ll ship ’em to ya! 4 jars for $40, 6 jars for $50, and 10 jars for $75. OR…even more PHun…come to Athens and take a Phickle-Tini Tour of all the Phickle-y spots!
Have Fun!  Drink a Phickle-Tini!

About southlandroots

Owner of Phickles, LLC ....a gourmet pickle company in Athens, GA using the freshest, closest produce available & taking pride in every jar. I'm touring the South Land with a fanny pack of pickle jars! You just never know where I'll pop up next!
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  2. Sassy South says:

    I’m sad to hear Harry Bissetts is no longer there! Many fun memories from road trips to Athens to visit friends.

    Headed to Alon’s this week to get my Phickles!


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