Angie & Ted Allen

"Oooh.....punchy!" ~Ted Allen ....after tasting a Phickle!

Twenty Eleven started out tasty with a traditional New Year’s Day dinner with our cyber friends, Ben and Maura Neill…sort of a thank you for months of helping promote our little pickle company.  Wish we could’ve invited everyone who’s helped us along our peddlin’ path in 2010…maybe one day!  A rainy day made it difficult for Maura and Ben to get a good feel for all that Athens offers. But…of course we couldn’t let them leave our home without an Athens, Georgia classic: The Heavenly Tiddily…created many years ago by our good friend, and local Athenian Terry Wingfield.  …sure set the mood for a good, giggly good time. 😉 Dinner With New Friends

2010 was an eventPHULL year.  Never dreamed we’d get our pickles in so many awesome stores….and even get Ted Allen from Food Network’s Chopped to taste them and call them “punchy!” I’m sure that was his way of saying they’re AHH-MAZING! Well…that night at the Taste Of Atlanta private party was one for Phickles Pickles’ history book.  So many twitter handles there in person…was great to finally put faces with them! Let’s see…there was @360media, @melecotte, @runwithtweezers, @LikeATL, @365Atlanta, @savoryexposure, @ATL_Events, @benneill, @fifthgrouper…and even @HerbMesa who left with two jars of WEDGIES! Love getting to know all these nice people! We’re all more alike than we even know… 

 And….if you’re dying to become the spokesperson for Phickles Pickles….the position is already filled! Thanks to Sean Smith of @hungrysouthernr! We will never be able to pay enough thanks to him for all he’s done to help promote our products. 

@hungrysouthernr & his box of Phickles/Cheese Week at Star Provisions

Angie pickled some beets for @hungrysouthernr! ..and probably will never pickle beets again! What a mess!

And we’re not the only ones he’s helped through social media…  Check out @LocalThree and @HighRoadCraft on twitter as well! I’m sure Sean’s just gettin’ started….and since it’s Friday…which in twitter language means it’s #FF day… Follow @hungrysouthernr! 😉
& check out his blog at : !
 One more thing before I leave to go spruce up the Pickle Parlor after a big day of pickling asparagus and okra….      We ship our pickled goodies all over the U.S.  Check out our humble website for a list of all our pickles!   and shoot me an email with your order and your address!  and we’ll get your phickle-y phun shipped to ya in a jiffy!  4 jars for $40, 6 jars for $50, and 10 jars for $75…

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Owner of Phickles, LLC ....a gourmet pickle company in Athens, GA using the freshest, closest produce available & taking pride in every jar. I'm touring the South Land with a fanny pack of pickle jars! You just never know where I'll pop up next!
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