Bacon Bros. Public House – Feast Your Eyes On Delicious

One of the best perks of pickle deliveries out of town is lunch! I can’t give enough praise to Chef Anthony Gray and the whole staff at Bacon Bros. in Greenville, SC. I snapped a few pics with my iPhone…not … Continue reading

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Bravo, Amy Adams! – Golden Globes

We watched a little bit of the Golden Globes last night and instead of it giving me a list of movies to put on my to-watch list …I found myself counting how many women got up in front of that crowd wearing the ‘expose as much as possible’ trend. My eyes hurt. And my heart did too. For a moment I felt lesser than…I thought… I should do some crunches. I need to eat less. I wonder how much Botox costs… My bosoms need a lift… My skin has list lost its glow… and the insomnia I’ve had lately sure is showing in my eyes. Dang! I’m ugly! AND THEN …my teen daughter sat down to watch the show with us… and beautiful outside AND INSIDE, Amy Adams received her award dressed with class …and I was reminded how *seeing ourselves in the mirror of God’s Word rather than in the world’s mirror affects our everyday decisions. Today…my prayer for my girls and for my girlfriends and for me …is that instead of thinking about diets and exercise as a way to reach a certain size, we instead try to be strong and healthy so we can do what God designed us to do. Instead of worrying about hair and makeup, we check to make sure our hearts are in the right place. Instead of worrying about the latest styles… we make sure our attitudes match what God says we should believe. Bravo, Amy Adams! I like your style! Now…for me …it’s back to laundry and peddlin’ pickles!

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Have Bloody Mary – Will Travel

Been taking a break from my blog lately …because we’re on the road so much. The pickle business has been great …which means we’re on the road a lot delivering to stores and restaurants …and lately my road trip drink has been V8 with Phickles …no vodka ’cause I gotta drive ….but it’s still PHUN! Look for stories here soon about the great folks I am fortunate to meet on this journey …& thank you for following along!

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Ground Beef – Two Easy Meals

I love to cook but sometimes life gets busy and my creativity just isn’t there …and times like these call for browned ground beef. Sounds blah I know…but trust me. These two easy dishes are winners with everyone in my family of five.
I browned the meat with mushrooms yesterday so it was already ready in the fridge. For lunch, I made NACHOS by layering grocery store tortilla chips with the browned meat and mushrooms and dollops of queso blanco. I baked this in the oven at 400 for 8 minutes …then added fresh, chopped arugula and cilantro, a big scoop of sour cream and my Mexican inspired pickles (recipe available at What’s not to devour about all that…especially washed down with a grapefruit margarita?!
Then my husband and son left to go dove hunting …which gave me lots of time to play.

I still had browned meat left …so I got to thinking…and since I had a few bell peppers out in the back yard ready to be picked…I thought STUFFED PEPPERS! My peppers are kinda small right now …so not so great for stuffing but they make great shells for holding yummy toppings. I cut them in half, scooped out the seeds and ribs and placed them in a baking dish. Then I topped them with the ground meat and mushroom mixture. Next, I made a sauce with a can of diced tomatoes, 3 cloves of minced garlic, 25 chopped purple basil leaves, 6 chopped anchovies and 3 tbsp crumbled feta cheese. I spooned the sauce into the baking dish around the topped peppers. This goes into the oven at 400 for 40 minutes. It’s tasty with rice or mashed potatoes or keep it low carb with a bed of lettuces and Balsamic Viniagrette.
Nothing fancy here today…but sometimes simple wins.

Speaking of SIMPLE …one of my employees helped me out with the laundry from the pickle kitchen this week. I love that he dried the towels so simply…. Like a breath of sweet, southern, good-ole-days air. 😊

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Canned Salmon Salad with Phickles Hotties


One 6 oz. can of premium skinless & boneless Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon, 1/2 cup diced Phickles Hotties (pickled jalapeños from,) 1/4 cup Duke’s mayonnaise, 1/2 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese, 1 tbsp juice from the jar of Hotties, juice from 1/2 a lemon, 1 tsp black pepper.
Mix together in bowl. Serve with crackers, toast points or over a bed of lettuces.
Eat PHUN, y’all!

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A St. Patrick’s Day Post ~ The Luck Of The Pickle Peddlers

Selwyn Avenue Pub
It was raining and cold and we were hungry after making the drive from Columbia to Charlotte. We’d just made our last pickle delivery to Reid’s Fine Foods in Charlotte and were heading in the direction of home. Before we got too far down the road, we asked our GPS where to eat. We scrolled down past all the fast food and Selwyn Avenue Pub popped up. Who doesn’t crave good, pub grub on a cold, wet day? So…we turned the car around and ended up right next to our last delivery. Selwyn Avenue Pub is located right next door to Reid’s Fine Foods at 2801 Selwyn Ave… and had everything we were craving on the menu. We got a wedge salad to start with …and while waiting for hot wings and a philly cheese steak, we eavesdropped on a conversation going on between three men at a nearby table. They were talking about pimento cheese! After listening in for a little bit…we determined that one of the men was the owner of the pub and that they were sampling small bites of new possibilities for the pub’s menu ….all featuring pimento cheese. So… my husband shot out to the car and came back with two jars of our pickles -one of our pickled carrots and one of our pickled okra. It wasn’t long and we were sharing samples of our pickles with the owner! He was so nice and wants us to come up with ways he can serve our pickles in the pub.
I just wanted to share this little story… because I’m feeling grateful and blessed. I believe God puts these folks in our path…it’s His favor spilling over us …at just the right time…God’s timing is perfect! Today is St. Patrick’s Day …the perfect day for me to be working on pickle recipes for an Irish Pub! I’m definitely requesting they serve our pickled okra with that pimento cheese…and with Pickleback shots!

So many stories just like this happen to us while we’re out peddlin’ our pickles….oughta be a reality show…for realz! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!

To order some of our pickles…check our or website!

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Washington-Wilkes ~ What to do, What to eat, Where to shop, Where to sleep

Washington Jockey Club
This past Saturday, we loaded our car with pickle deliveries for stores in Columbia and Charlotte and headed east from Athens…making a lunch stop in Washington, GA.  A quick google search on where to eat and we were sitting at the table in the window at Washington Jockey Club. We pass through this historic town several times a year on our way to the east coast, but until now… have never stopped to savor what Washington has to offer. To get our delivery/sales trip off to a fun start….we ordered wine and beer. I was pleasantly surprised by their wine list and the lunch menu didn’t disappoint either! I can’t remember what the dish was called…but all I know is my husband’s plate looked delish ….a sandwich featuring thick bacon, fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese! Sticking to my no-gluten diet, I went for the smothered beef patty with sautéed vegetables. Both dishes were above our expectations…and will keep us going back to the Washington Jockey Club for more future good eats. To top off our whole experience …we had the sweetest waitress, Lindsey. Lindsey is a native of Washington and the love she has for her hometown came out in every sentence she spoke. She told us lots about the history of Washington and steered us to two stores in walking distance she thought we could sell our pickles to.
Possibilities Washington Georgia
Thanks to Lindsey, we found our way to 23 W. Robert Toombs Street …and through the door of Possibilities. This store, locally-owned by Robin Lahr has everything from folk art, hand-turned wooden bowls (pictured above,) Sweetea t-shirts, eclectic home décor…. to jams, jellies …and NOW our Phickles Pickles! Robin bought a case of every variety we had with us that day. So now Possibilities is stocked with our pickled asparagus, okra, carrots, beans, green tomatoes and jalapenos. Robin says her favorite eatery in Washington is ‘Wings ‘N Things Bar & Grill’ located right behind her store on Allison Street. I love wings …so we’ll surely give this place a visit!

Robin Lahr, owner of Possibilities ...with a jar of our pickled asparagus.

Robin Lahr, owner of Possibilities …with a jar of our pickled asparagus.

I love a good, southern festival …so I couldn’t help but notice Robin’s t-shirt from Washington’s annual MULE DAY festival. This festival has been taking place at Callaway Plantation in Washington for over thirty years. This year’s festival will take place October 11 from 10 am – 4 pm. I’m filling out a vendor application today and hope to be there this fall selling our pickles and touring the preserved homes and farm on the property. For more information about this and other events going on in the Washington-Wilkes area, go to

If you’re into southern history the way I am… I hope you’ll take a trip to Washington-Wilkes and take in the sites, tastes and the laid back people who make Washington a must-visit. Abundant with antebellum homes, this step back in time is a breath of fresh, southern air. For a real treat, the recently restored Fitzpatrick Hotel awaits you on the square in walking distance to shopping and eateries.
Or…head out a few miles up the road to Sharon, GA for star gazing and camping at the Deerlick Astronomy Village. Yep…that’s right! There’s actually a community in Georgia made especially for astronomy lovers …and I might never have heard of it if we hadn’t taken the time to talk to the locals in Washington. Life is all about relationships …and if we don’t slow down every now and then and talk to folks, we miss out on all the wonders right here around us.

So… To do: Visit Washington, Georgia.
To eat: Eat at Washington Jockey Club and Wings ‘N Things.
To shop: Shop at Possibilities on W. Robert Toombs Street.
To sleep: Lodge at The Fitzpatrick Hotel or Pitch a tent at Deerlick Astronomy Village

To order some of our pickles for yourself…check out our website:

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